Ladybug Kit (Dog First Aid Kit)


1 Antiseptic Wipe
1 Gauze Swabs
1 Burn Shield Blot
1 Forceps
1 Scissors
1 Roller Bandages 50mm
1 Roller Bandages 75mm
1 Roll Non-Allergic Adhesive Strip 12,5
10 Plasters
1 First Aid Dressing 75mm
1 Gloves
1 CPR Mouthpiece
1 Disinfectant Ointment
2 Activated charcoal tablet
1 Syringes 5ml
2 Allergex Tablets
2 Aspirin Tablets
1 Glucose Powder 10g
1 Rescue Blanket
1 A5 bag
1 Red plastic bag



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